Navigating The Changing Landscape

During my time as Vice President of Content Operations at Trusted Media Brands, I had a change chart taped to the door of my office. It's a great tool that helps you determine a feeling and attach it to an action plan. I referred to it often since the day in the life of an operations person is one big, giant change party. I also used it when meeting with my direct reports and colleagues that were having challenges. I still use it today to help me determine what I am missing as I navigate through my world of business ownership. And I use it as a tool to help my clients determine what they are missing so we can build an action plan that sets them up for success. Awareness is the first step to creating change. Creating a solid action plan is what allows you to successfully implement and sustain that change. At The Red Baron Group, we are experts at navigating change. Take a look at the chart, see where you fall on the change spectrum today and let me know if you'd like some guidance navigating through it!