What Are You Doing to Cultivate Great Players?

Employers need great players to help them move their businesses forward. They need highly engaged people that exhibit the emotional intelligence to work well together on teams and to communicate effectively so that organizational results can be achieved.

Employees want to work for companies that care about their personal and professional development. They want to feel supported by their employers and are looking for help to learn the skills they need to be successful at work. Life is busy and sometimes complicated. The work life balance is a continuum and we need to have the ability to stretch ourselves to all sides of the circle.

Investing in leadership and employee development pays off. According to a recent article from Thrive Global, while a competitive pay rate is a great way to attract new talent, you cannot buy employee motivation. “Creating a strong culture with good teamwork, offering a challenging work with a purpose and giving employees autonomy is equally important to retain your best talent in the long-run.”

Companies and organizations with higher than average employee engagement see 27% higher profits and 38% higher productivity.

We are here to help you and your company create a strong culture; to play a bigger, winnable game through leadership and team development. We will help you gain the knowledge you need to fill your tool kits with the skills that will allow you to:

  • Increase innovation and creativity across all levels of the organization

  • Boost employee engagement and productivity

  • Solve problems more easily by learning how to have vulnerability based trust

  • Deal with difficult people and circumstances by understanding communication styles

  • Engage in productive conflict and provocative conversations

  • Tackle the tough issues that keep your company from reaching its goals by removing roadblocks

Working with The Red Baron Group, will help you learn the skills that are vital to driving strategic growth and change while giving you and/or your employees the skills to transition through change and execute new ideas successfully.


As Transformational Coaches, we promise to help you:

  • Determine your roadblocks to ensure your success.

  • Build a culture that embraces change and drives innovation.

  • Achieve success by teaching you how to set goals and objectives that result in clear expectations and transparency.

  • Demonstrate the need for change by teaching you how to define success, how to set clear business objectives and develop a clear communication plan which will minimize disruption and loss of productivity.

  • Achieve fast, sustainable results by teaching you how to develop implementation plans and timelines and prioritize your objectives.

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