transformational coach, mentor and leader

Kerri's goal is to help people connect deeper with themselves, their community, other individuals, and the world around them. As a transformational coach, she works with companies to create cultures of human greatness and connectivity. She works with individuals who are looking to play a bigger game and supports the community by offering various workshops and programs.

Kerri launched The Red Baron Group in 2018 and has spent the past year enrolled in an ICF accredited transformational coaching program as well as becoming an Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors facilitation partner. The 35 years she spent in business management and operations as well as her own transformational journey, gives her a unique perspective and many personal experiences to draw from.

She is a firm believer that strategy, leadership, culture, processes and people must be in careful balance in order for change to be sustainable. Investing time to coach and mentor people creates sustainable change and fosters a culture of innovation and accountability. 

While Kerri has spent most of her career working in publishing and media, she is also a serial entrepreneur and has had the pleasure of owning two other profitable businesses before turning her attention to her new passion. Her entrepreneurial family taught her that hard work, dedication, loyalty and hands-on education were what you needed to possess to be successful. She credits her mother and father for giving her an entrepreneurial spirit. She credits her wife for giving her the fearlessness to tackle the challenges that scare the crap out of her.