transformational coach, mentor and leader

Kerri has spent the past 35 years helping brands such as Prevention, Taste of Home, Reader's Digest and Family Handyman optimize their operational efficiencies, launch new businesses of scale, re-engineer processes, improve employee engagement and lead implementation teams.

She believes that investing time to coach and mentor people creates sustainable change and fosters a culture of innovation and accountability. She is a also firm believer that strategy, leadership, culture, processes and people must be in careful balance in order for change to be sustainable. She is passionate about helping individuals live connected lives. 

While Kerri has spent most of her career working in publishing and media, she has also had the pleasure of owning two profitable businesses before turning her attention to her new passion…transformational coaching and leadership and employee development. She decided to launch The Red Baron Group after transitioning out of corporate life in 2017.

Kerri has worked with a life and career coach for over 10 years and is currently enrolled in an ICF accredited transformational coaching program. She spent lots of time in her various corporate roles successfully applying a coaching approach leadership style. She connects easily with people and gives them the support and encouragement they need to step outside of their comfort zone. 

She comes from an entrepreneurial family where hard work, dedication, loyalty and hands-on education were highly valued. She credits her mother and father for giving her an entrepreneurial spirit. She credits her wife for giving her the fearless spirit to tackle any challenge she faces.